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Nathalie Nagy and Yana Flaksman

Nathalie Nagy and Yana Flaksman — the founders of Boutique Journeys – met while attending an international school in Budapest and quickly bonded over their many mutual interests, chief among them a desire to explore and experience their surroundings to the fullest extent.

As their friendship grew, they traveled extensively throughout Europe and beyond, and increased their appreciation and understanding of this multifaceted region. Nathalie moved to New York, where she spent 21 years in the travel industry working in one of America’s most successful agencies, specializing in personalized service and overseeing travel arrangements for the most discerning customers. She has been acknowledged in Travel & Leisure Magazine in the A List Top 125 Agents from 2004 – 2017, and is a part of the Bon Appetit Magazine Epicurean Travel Board 2008 – 2017. During this time, Yana spent several years working in the European travel industry and increasing her contacts in this region. Sixteen years ago, all their work and experience evolved into the founding of a company whose mission was to provide the highest quality experience to travelers such as themselves – with the highest standards, a desire to make the most of their time, and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Yana set up an office in Budapest geared towards keeping abreast of all the latest local events and tips and organizing all the customized arrangements. Meanwhile Nathalie set up their New York base of operations, the foundation of Boutique Journeys’ international networks. Eventually Nathalie would return to Budapest and as the business grew, they were able to hand-pick incredible partners and team-members who shared their goals and high expectations. Every member of their energetic team is selected for their dedication to customer service and knowledge of travel throughout the area. While maintaining the highest of standards, the company has been sharing their vision with more people each year.

This background of friendship and deep love for the neighboring Central European countries, as well as a desire and commitment to share this appreciation with others is what makes Boutique Journeys so unique. Boutique Journeys reliable and superior vision paves the way to experience this region, be it the for the first time visitor or for those returning to relive unforgettable memories.

Judy Weiner 

Born in Hungary, raised in a multi-cultural environment and receiving a scholarship to attend the American International School of Budapest, I have always been open to other cultures and languages. My father worked in aviation and I have been traveling the world since the age of 2, helping develop my passion for travel since early childhood. Our whole family has the travel bug!

Graduating with a Masters Degree from ELTE University and majoring in English Literature and Linguistics, I worked as a personal assistant at Universal Music. Later I moved on to marketing in multinational companies and also held the position of managing director for a Dutch luxury travel company based in Hungary for over 3 years. After all my career adventures, Nathalie and Yana found me working in travel and asked me to join their Boutique family 19 years ago.

I was fortunate enough to marry ‘another great traveler ‘and we have 2 beautiful sons as the fruit of our journey.

Michelle Dósa

Michelle’s love of travel began in her 20’s after her first trip to Europe visiting Romania, Hungary, Austria and Germany where she became enchanted with the cultures and beauty of these countries from experiencing them firsthand.  After that she was hooked and has since added travelling to the US, China, Russia, South America and Europe to her passports! So it made sense when she joined Boutique Journeys in 2019 to combine her passion for travelling with her skills in organizing and preparing customized trips for our valued clients.  It brings her immense joy knowing she helps our clients experience the unforgettable memories that she also cherishes.

Anita Weiner

Born and raised in Hungary, I spent 6 years working in the Bank sector, then for Várkert Casino as a PR manager, followed by more than 10 years in various sales sectors, such as brand manager at an outdoor company,  sales executive at a real estate magazine and as operational coordinator at a telecommunication company. Until recently, I worked for over 8 years as an Office manager of a Law Firm.

I love working with people and I’m very open minded. In March of 2024 I joined the Boutique Journeys Team, but my relationship with Nathalie and Yana dates back many years through my sister and now colleague, Judy. Now I can say my job is a family job, as being part of the „Boutique Family” – full of laughter, kindness and fun.

Travelling is part of my DNA, well planted in me since early childhood as my father used to be a pilot at the former MALEV Hungarian Airlines, and we used to travel a lot. I graduated from high school in Israel after living there for 3 years and enjoyed an adventurous few months backpacking through South America.

I have two beautiful daughters and a lovely husband by my side.


Travel + Leisure Honors 2013 A-list Travel Advisors at Virtuoso® Travel Week

Nathalie Nagy Among Advisors Recognized

Travel + Leisure VP/Publisher Jay Meyer and News Editor Amy Farley debuted the much- anticipated list and congratulated the 83 Virtuosos who are featured on the Travel + Leisure 2013 A-List of Top Travel Advisors at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas during Virtuoso® Travel Week on August 12th. Selected by the editors of Travel + Leisure, the complete list of all 161 top travel advisors who are on the twelfth annual Travel + Leisure A-List will be highlighted in the magazine’s October issue.

About Travel + Leisure

The world’s most influential travel brand, Travel + Leisure, offers insider access to destinations around the globe with a signature mix of smart advice, immersive photography, expert reporting, and award-winning coverage of hotels, food, design, style, culture, and trends. Travel + Leisure® features news, finds, and opinions that empower its readers and users to travel better. With a global reach of more than 5 million readers, the Travel + Leisure print portfolio includes the U.S. flagship and five international editions in Mexico, Turkey, China, India/South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The U.S. edition of T+L, an American Express Publishing title that launched in 1971, is also designed for iPad®, NOOK Color™, and Kindle Fire™. Travel + Leisure has an authoritative website,, and an extensive social media following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Foursquare, and Foodspotting. The T+L brand also encompasses newsletters, clubs, a book series, retail stores, and media collaborations.

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen.”– Benjamin Disraeli

Photo credit: photos on this page were taken by Ferenc Dancsecs and Dömötör Mayer.